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Jesse Klein

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How we work

How our mottos help women succeed

Carta hosted a dinner and panel with Girl Geek Dinners. We had five leading women talk about how the culture of Carta helps them to be productive.

how stock options are taxed
Equity education

10 common cap table mistakes

Every cap table problem stems from two basic principles: lack of institutional control and excessive versions. Carta can help combat these issues.

Partner stories

Negotiating Vendor Terms as a Startup CFO

Carta is cultivating a community of CFOs to share their experiences, challenges and advice. Ken Stumder sits down for a Q&A about his time at Bombfell.

Partner stories

NYC CFO Summit: Secondary Markets Panel

At our second CFO summit in NYC, we held a panel with John Buttrick, Josh Auerbach and Stefan Fischer to discuss the intricacies of secondary markets.