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June 2021 Update

Read the latest updates and resources for our legal partners below
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 1


Take the guesswork out of salary and equity compensation using Carta Total Comp

What is Carta Total Comp?
You may already be familiar with the Carta equity management platform for cap tables, 409A services, and more. Now, Carta Total Comp, a compensation benchmarking and planning platform, helps companies make better compensation decisions faster so they can focus on building their business.

Compensate with confidence

  • Instant Insights: Clients can ensure each employee is being fairly and consistently compensated; easily identify employees at risk of attrition and ensure top pay is going to top performers
  • Intelligent recommendations: With 2,000 employee data points added per month, harness the power of the most informed compensation bands for every role, level, and region
  • One platform: Compensation and cap table all on one easy-to-use platform
  • Compensation simplified: Automated leveling system, seamless HRIS integrations, and personalized onboarding so you can get started right away

Compensation is complicated and market rates seem to change daily. We want to help our partners provide guidance that tracks the current state of the market, backed by dynamic data.

Soon, our preferred partners will have access to this tool, which will enable you to add more strategic value for your clients as they seek answers to those difficult—and timely—questions on how to compensate fairly and competitively.

Stay tuned for more details and learn more about CTC here!

If your clients are interested in CTC, please feel free to reach out to partners@carta.com.

Important updates

Always stay up to date on new product changes with Carta’s Release Notes.

fund administrator

Live chat feature now available in Launch!

Do you or your clients need help with Launch set-up? Carta now has a live chat feature available for all Launch clients in set-up mode.

Still stuck after asking for help? Carta also allows live co-browsing. Our specialists, with user approval, can share screens with the Launch company and assist in matters live and through the same portal and guide people through the Launch process.

Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 2

New blog: “Liquidity in 2021: A look at tender offers”

Demand for liquidity, notably tender offers, is higher than ever. In our new blog, we share the exceptional results of our tender offer business so far in 2021 and the advantages of our move toward a seller-pay pricing model. 

If you have questions about tender offer support or would like to learn more about CartaX, please contact us at partners@carta.com

Read about Carta tender offers here. 

Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 3

Time-Saving Carta Launch Hack

Use the Launch onboarding flow for any client looking to get started on Carta right away. Onboard them immediately to Carta Launch and they’ll be prompted to upgrade plans after go-live.

Carta Launch is a great way to add your early stage clients for free, establish a clean and accurate cap table from inception, and avoid a long and messy onboarding in the future. 

You can now also add any client via the “Onboard company to Launch” button on your Carta account and begin the onboarding process right away. Clients will need to upgrade to a paid plan within 30 days and can do this seamlessly in minutes through their Carta account. 

Learn how to add your clients.

Other updates

Introducing new valuation types for corporations and individual stakeholders

Since 2017, Carta has performed over 25,000 409A valuations for over 15,000 customers. We’re expanding our services to better serve our customers’ needs. 

Carta Valuations is now offering for the following solutions for corporations:

  • Full service financial reporting including, warrant valuations and incremental borrowing rate valuations for lease accounting, as well as an expanded offering for stock-based compensation services. 
  • Business valuations as a way to better meet our customers’ non-compliance valuation needs—particularly around capital raises, acquisitions, and general corporate planning. 

Carta Valuations is now offering for the following solutions for individuals:

  • Tax and estate planning valuation services and QSBS qualifying opinions for founders, executives, employees, and investors in corporations that use Carta’s core cap table product.
  • Carried interest valuations for tax and estate planning purposes to general partners of funds that use Carta’s fund admin services. 

If you’d like to learn more about Carta’s expanded valuations offering, please contact us at valuations-referrals@carta.com

Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 4
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 5

Health Checks

We’ve adjusted content around health checks to better reflect the specific benefits of reviewing and updating data. We hope these updates help our valued customers address data issues through self service and provide a more streamlined customer experience.

$100k ISO/NSO Dashboard

Still have a question about how Carta calculates $100K ISO/NSO Splits? Schedule a time to walk through a demo with us through partners@carta.com! 

    • We recently launched a new dashboard to give you more transparency, flexibility, and data integrity around ISO/NSO splits. Now, you can clearly see how various grants are contributing to an optionee’s $100K ISO limit and capture when a legal team has a differing interpretation of the $100K rule from Carta’s default. 
    • Law firms can also calculate the splits internally and edit Carta’s calculations. Need access to the editor feature? Contact us at partnerships@carta.com. 
equity education
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 6

Founder Resource Center

Carta recently launched the Founder Resource Center, with tools, templates, expert advice and live events, that will help early stage founders in their fundraising journey. Founders can leverage the resource center for help with:

  • Different fundraising options
  • How to raise with SAFEs and convertible notes
  • How to raise a priced round
  • How to choose which VCs to work with
  • How to grow their business after fundraising

Learn more here.

Carta for International Companies

Carta is global! Carta can support countries across the world. Carta has rolled out some new features specifically for companies based outside of the US. 

    1. Share Registry Report: Use this report to create a share/equity register or register of holders. Many countries require this report to be submitted to their local government. It is available in all accounts. 
    2. Non-US option holders at US private companies will now be able to initiate and pay for option exercises through Carta (must be enabled on client’s account). Take a look at the release notes article and don’t forget to subscribe to release notes to stay up-to-date on Carta’s product changes. 

For more information, check out our new page.

Fund admin

Set up a Carta Training for your Firm

Carta’s Law Firm support team would be happy to host an engaging virtual product training for a group of paralegals and attorneys at your firm. Make sure your teams are up-to-date on how to use the Carta platform more efficiently. Please contact your Carta Representative or email us at partners@carta.com 


Hot off the press

From the blog

Carta Connected Series: Building an Ownership Economy:

Hear from Carta’s founder, Henry Ward, and Congressman Patrick McHenry, as they discuss the future of public policy for raising capital in private markets and expanding ownership to more investors and employees (recorded 6/2).
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 8

From the blog

The A-Z of Valuations:

Carta and Goodwin hosted a session to help founders navigate the ins and outs of valuations (recorded 6/8).
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 9

From the blog

How your clients can work best with you as their counsel, as well as Carta. We found a typical client’s costs are 2.5x higher if they include their counsel at the end of a Carta onboarding, rather than the beginning. Read more…  

Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 10

From the blog

The First ClosePodcast:

Game-changing investors share their stories. Stream the Carta-produced podcast, The First Close on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. At Carta, we help VCs build enduring venture franchises, starting with fund one. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight their journeys with our new podcast, The First Close. 
Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 11

Where you or your clients can find us

From the blog

Past Webinar: Fundraising by the Numbers.  


Founders, investors and experts share fundraising benchmark data and answer common questions such as: How much capital should I raise, what type of valuation is fair, what ownership % do founders usually give up, and what ownership % do investors usually target? Watch and share the recording here. 

Carta Partner Newsletter June 2021 12


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