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The partner resource center is where partners can learn about Carta and our product, find resources for clients, and discover educational content to share.


Welcome to Carta

Thank you for joining the Carta Partner Program. We’re excited to have you on board. Here’s what you need to know as a Carta partner.

Partner resources

Carta overview

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Carta law firm partner program

Details on Carta’s revamped law firm partner program.

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Law firm partner program FAQ

All your questions on the program, answered.

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Carta for private companies

Carta’s subscription offerings for private companies.

Carta overview deck

Overview deck of Carta, how we started, and what we offer.

Demo video: Carta basics

Video covering the basics of Carta for Company Administrators and Legal Users.

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Carta cap table video tour

Video tour of Carta’s cap table management platform.

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Plans & pricing

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Guide to Carta’s plans

Overview of Carta’s plans and features (Launch through IPO-ready)

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Launch plan- Law firm version

Launch- Carta’s free plan for early stage companies.

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Launch plan- client handout

How the Launch plan works – for firms to send to clients.

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Migration plan

How to migrate multiple existing clients to Carta (for free).

Partner pricing

A pricing table for reference only. Do not share.

Partner resources

Carta Launch

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Launch plan- Law firm version

Launch- Carta’s free plan for early-stage companies.

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Launch plan- Client handout

How the Launch plan works- for firms to send to clients.

Adding companies to Launch

How to add clients to Carta Launch.

||||Job tenure statistics||
Upgrading a Launch client

How to upgrade clients from Launch to a premium plan.

Partner resources

Onboarding & implementations

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Carta onboarding process one-pager

Step-by-step process for how to onboard a client.

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Launch onboarding video for law firms

Video tutorial for law firms onboarding clients to launch.

Partner resources

409A valuations

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Sample 409A

Sample 409A valuation report from Carta’s valuations team.

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Requesting 409A tour video

Tour video of Carta’s 409A product & how to request a new 409A.

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Lawyers top choice for 409A

Why Carta is the top choice 409a provider for lawyers.

Meet the 409A valuations team

Meet the experts behind the more than 15,000 valuations delivered by Carta.

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Board consents and Board meeting management

Streamline board consents and board meetings on Carta.

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Board consents one-pager

Overview of the Carta board consents tool.

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total compensation management solution
Carta Total Comp

Get an overview of Carta Total Comp in this one-pager.

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Other Carta products

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Drafting options tour video

Tour video of the option issuance process.

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Scenario modeling one-pager

Plan for the future with waterfall and financing round modeling.

||||Job tenure statistics||
Scenario and round modeling tour video

Tour video of Carta’s in-app scenario modeling tool.

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Payroll and HRIS integrations one-pager

Your clients can now sync employee data in Carta with HR and payroll systems.

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Investor updates one-pager

Streamline investor updates through Carta.

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ASC 718 tour video

Tour video for ASC 718.

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Form 3921 tour video

Tour video for Form 3921.

Investor Services overview

Carta's investment management offerings

Partner resources

Liquidity on Carta

selling private company shares
Why run tender offers

Why running liquidity events is an increasingly popular way to attract and retain top talent.


Carta's two complimentary options for achieving private market liquidity.

CartaX employee experience

Provide information and certainty to your most important shareholders.

Carta Cross vs. historical structures

How CartaX offers an innovative alternative to traditional tender offers.

Financing Round

Carta's low-touch liquidity solutions and how we stand out from the competition.

stock option plan
New issuer listing checklist

Get a breakdown of everything needed to begin the listing process on CartaX.

secondary market liquidity
Disclosure on CartaX:
The Section 4(a)(7) framework

Learn about the disclosures required by Section 4(a)(7) and the exemptions that come with it.

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Equity 101

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Partner newsletters

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Guidance on down market