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Category: Carta

Cover image that says 'State of Private Markets: Q1 2022'

State of Private Markets: Q1 2022

Our customers place ongoing trust in Carta to manage data across over 28,000 companies and $2.5 trillion in equity. We see it as our responsibility

Streamlined capital calls

Welcome to Capital Calls 2.0. Updates to Carta’s capital calls tool give GPs more precise and efficient ways to call capital. Streamlined capital calls  Welcome

Carta Policy Weekly Brief

Carta Policy: Weekly Brief for April 1

TL;DR President’s budget proposes tax increases on corporate rate, as well as individual top rate, including on unrealized gains for the ultrawealthy; it’s unlikely to

When to incorporate a business

Founding a company is never easy. Each decision you make can materially impact how your company grows. Making good decisions starts from the very beginning—and

2021 Carta liquidity report

The 2021 Carta liquidity report

U.S. venture capitalists had a tremendous year in 2021, smashing all previous annual fundraising records. Total funds raised last year topped $128 billion—approximately 50% higher